Eladrin Rogue


Fie is technically a changeling, but she stays in her Eladrin form most of the time so people do not notice her as much and be suspicious of her intentions. She bright purple eyes and cropped silver-gray hair. She wears leather armor and carries a short sword and a hand crossbow.


Fie’s true name is unknown to her. She believes that her name is Fie since she was scolded often as a child with the phrase “Fie for Shame”. Her father is a compulsive gambler who got in a bad way with some worse people, so he sold his only daughter to a band of thieves who were willing to pay a high price for a young changeling. Fie was about four when her father sold her, so she does not have many memories of him, but she has none of her mother since she died giving birth to Fie. She was raised by the clan leader Thornley and became his “pet”. Her unique talents quickly made Fie his favorite which made another female in the clan, Gytha. She decided to go to the island after a job went bad when Gytha betrayed her to the provost of a town that the clan was pillaging. She was able to escape, but there were many people looking for her, so she decided to leave the country for a little while and see what this new continent had to offer.


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